We've only just managed to slowly come round from last night's sold-out show because you all have been simply amazing, and there's just too many things to be grateful about.

So really, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support. Thanks for having faith and sticking with us, right from when we released Ariel over a year ago, up till PAIRS, and hopefully, for many more songs to come. 

Special shout out to:

  • Our families for their never-ending care and concern.
  • Annie, Boey, Eunice, Felicia, and Jane for putting up with our absence, and us constantly replying Take Two messages on Whatsapp even when we're with you. Love you all to bits <3
  • Roland Lim, Marlon Ingle, and Dino Ong of Sync Studios. Thanks for always hearing our ideas out, and giving us super constructive feedback on the music, songwriting, and arrangement. And especially Roland for working his ass off despite his back/neck pain. Get well soon!!!!
  • Lyla, our social media manager. Peng Sing may have died doing social media if it wasn't for you.
  • Keith Chia, our visuals guy. We're not the most good-looking people so at least you now have something else to watch during our show!
  • Photographers Witono Halim, KennethL, Teo, Lyla, Lufthi - that eye of yours really helped a lot in making us look wayyyy cooler than we actually do
  • Mike Wong and SNAP Productions for making all those killer MVs and putting up with our nonsense.
  • National Arts Council, for helping us finance this EP project. You guys have no idea how much the government is doing to give our local arts and music scene a boost, from providing us with grants, to linking us up with industry professionals.

And to all those who've given us encouragement, offered their help and support along the way, or simply showed up to watch us - last night's successful launch belongs to you as much as it belongs to us. Thanks for the memories!

As we head over to Beijing next week, thoughts of you people will keep us warm during the chilly nights. We'll also be using this blog as a main channel of communication, since we can't access Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so watch this space!